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Photography and Education


Cameron Highlands, April 2009


Malaysian students have been exposed to extended writings through sequence of images since the early primary age. They have learned how to express their vision and see photography as rhetoric, and have the ability to connect photography and verbal expression. It is rather a waste for not taking the subject further into making their own images and interpretation. The subject, if properly introduced in the curriculum, will no doubt enhance visual as well as verbal literacy. Descriptive and narrative writing exercises with the aid of photographs (just like sequence of images in primary schools) could have been designed to inspire more varied and creative perspectives.

Photography should be integrated with other learning experience as it provides students with their own visual and understanding from the image created. Every student and adult that I teach, once being introduced with photography - has always been interested in learning more about the subject. I do feel that one will not be tired in learning photography because the challenge is endless.



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